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Join Other 21st Century Entrepreneurs In Volunteering 3% Of Your Brainpower to Create a Significant Impact

As entrepreneurs, we have the opportunity to transform the world...

Individually we're already driving growth, value-creation and innovation, but just imagine if we could create an even bigger impact collectively. Imagine if there was a way for a group of 21st century leaders to come together to produce a positive change…from only a 3% investment ‘given forward’.

Think about it. By applying just a tiny fraction of your entrepreneurial talents, ideas, skills, knowledge or experience, you can help create a significant positively impact for what really matters most. (And collectively we can work towards helping solve some of the biggest issues facing the world today.)

3% is such a tiny fraction of your brainpower but it can really have a big difference.

There’s big leverage since it’s multiplied by your experience and specialized knowledge. If we calculate from a 40-hour workweek, your 3% Forward pledge is providing a mere 1 hr and 20 min each week. That’s it. And you decide how you help and who you work with, whether it’s in-person or simply “micro volunteering” online. (Don’t worry there’s no sort of cash donation – just your wits!)

Our goal is to re-inspire 1,000,000 entrepreneurs – will you be one of them?

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After you make the pledge, go to http://3percentforward.org/pledged
to track your impact and join the 3%'er community!

After making your 3% Forward Pledge we’ll connect you to organizations, non-profits, new startups, etc. that can you use your entrepreneurial expertise, ideas and talents. You’re never obligated to work with anyone you don’t want to and you always get to decide how 3% of your time is going to be spent without donating a cent.


    3% FORWARD?

    A movement to get 1,000,000 entrepreneurs to pledge 3% of their time, talents, expertise, skill set or ideas to the causes of their choice… collectively striving for 1 Billion of marketplace impact value. (There is no cash donation required just brainpower.)

  • WHO IS


    From business moguls to small local businesses, entrepreneurs from around the world are making the pledge in order to create a meaningful impact with just a few hours each month.

  • HOW DO


    Get involved by taking the pledge and then sharing this with 3 or more like-minded entrepreneurs! Click Here To Take The Pledge Today

Click Here To Take The Pledge Today

After you make your pledge, go to http://3percentforward.org/pledged
to track your impact and join the 3%’er community!

Our goal is to re-inspire 1,000,000 entrepreneurs that can create $1 Billion in impact through their time volunteered and we can easily get there with only $1,000 (in marketplace value) pledged by each entrepreneur. Remember, there is no money donated so this $1,000 is based on the marketplace value of the potential expertise volunteered per year and in many cases it would be worth more than $1,000.

Q: Do I need to donate any money for this or to the organizations I work with?

A: Absolutely not. There is no type of cash donation at all. We are looking to harness something even more valuable — your entrepreneurial brainpower.

Q: How do I figure out 3% of my time?

A: Well, it's more about the idea than figuring this out to the minute. But as easy rule of thumb is 1 hour 20 min = 3% of your time (for a 40-hour work week). Then you would simply volunteer about 5 hours per month.

Q: So are you saying I should go volunteer at a charity? I already do that.

A: It could be. If you're already volunteering 3% or more of your time — that's great! We want to give you the credit you deserve by joining other inspired entrepreneurs in proudly bearing the 3% Forward Pledge seal. But there might be even more that's even easier to do (and more impactful). One of the most exciting that most entrepreneurs don't know about are the ways they can micro volunteer' online to provide organizations, non-profits and new startups the skills and talent they need without having to leave your house or office.

Q: Can you give some examples of micro volunteering?

A: Sure. It could be mentoring a new startup for 1 hr/week. It could be providing new marketing ideas and initiatives for a non-profit. It could be helping answer business operation question and strategic issues for an organization that needs helps. Really there are so many ways and we'll introduce you we'll introduce you to new ways & places you can use your brainpower and work on what matters most.

Q: So if I'm donating my time, talent, expertise, skills, knowledge, ideas- how do you figure out what that's worth?

A: If you bill by the hour (i.e. consultant, coaches, service provider, professionals) it's easy. But even if you don't you can take your best estimate without underestimating your value. The calculator on the pledge page will help you so we can keep the tally going toward $1 Billion.

Q: How does joining 3% Forward actually help my business?

A: Your 3% pledge is part of doing good that can actually be good for your business. You'll be provided the 3% Forward badge to add to your site or collateral so your customers and prospects know you give forward. Recent research shows that customers are more inclined to do business with you if there's an added benefit of a philanthropic tie-in. Plus, you can also engage your team through the 3% Forward Pledge and have them each pledge 3% of their time.

Q: How do you verify if I make the 3% pledge?

A: The pledge works on the honor system. It's up to you to contribute in the ways you think can have the most impact. We'll remind you with the 3%'er Fast Forward newsletter but it's always your choice how you give your talent.

Q: What are the causes, non-profits or ways I can contribute?

A: You choose the who, the how, the where and the when for your donation. You may want to reward an innovative non-profit in education, healthcare, the environment or even invest your time in new start-ups or micro-entrepreneurship... whatever is most important to you and whatever cause you think would have a multiplier impact.

Q: Who's behind the 3% Forward Movement?

A: It's a group of forward-thinking entrepreneurs, CEOs, thought leaders and innovative non-profits who believe entrepreneurship can change the world. And by applying just a fraction of our entrepreneurial brainpower we can help support what matters most and potentially help solve some of the biggest issues facing the world today.

Q: How do I take the 3% pledge?

A: It's easy. Just click here to go to the pledge form and then step two is to join the 3%'er community.